Japanese stationery lust

I spent a happy hour in a local Tokyu Hands store here in Hiroshima yesterday. And in doing so, I basically cleared them out of their entire stock of Midori Traveler’s notebooks and accessories.

(No, not really – it just looked that way…)

I finally got a traveler’s notebook, a passport notebook and a whole bunch of paper inserts and accessories. The photo above lays bare my excesses.

I’m not done yet!

We’re planning to visit a Tokyu Hands store here in Kyoto later today, to see if they have any of the special edition Pan Am-branded Midori goods.

I’ll follow up with a detailed post on these Midori notebooks and what makes them different – for now, just know that here in Japan, I’m in stationery heaven!

3 thoughts on “Japanese stationery lust”

  1. This is spooky I couldn’t agree more regards stationary and Japan I thought it might be just us but I’m glad there are others afflicted .
    Although tempted I’ve never gone down the MTN (I’ve left that to my other half), we did travel to the MTN base in Tokyo on our last trip.

    Me I’m a Hobonichi man, with Loft edging it in the stationary emporium stakes.


    1. Ha! It’s not just you Love loft! It’s fab. And yes, definitely going to the MTN place in Tokyo. Getting Shinkansen to Tokyo tomorrow and staying there for a week. Any and all MTN tips gratefully accepted.


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