Japanese stationery lust

I spent a happy hour in a local Tokyu Hands store here in Hiroshima yesterday. And in doing so, I basically cleared them out of their entire stock of Midori Traveler’s notebooks and accessories.

(No, not really – it just looked that way…)

I finally got a traveler’s notebook, a passport notebook and a whole bunch of paper inserts and accessories. The photo above lays bare my excesses.

I’m not done yet!

We’re planning to visit a Tokyu Hands store here in Kyoto later today, to see if they have any of the special edition Pan Am-branded Midori goods.

I’ll follow up with a detailed post on these Midori notebooks and what makes them different – for now, just know that here in Japan, I’m in stationery heaven!

3 comments on “Japanese stationery lust

  1. This is spooky I couldn’t agree more regards stationary and Japan I thought it might be just us but I’m glad there are others afflicted .
    Although tempted I’ve never gone down the MTN (I’ve left that to my other half), we did travel to the MTN base in Tokyo on our last trip.

    Me I’m a Hobonichi man, with Loft edging it in the stationary emporium stakes.


    • Ha! It’s not just you Love loft! It’s fab. And yes, definitely going to the MTN place in Tokyo. Getting Shinkansen to Tokyo tomorrow and staying there for a week. Any and all MTN tips gratefully accepted.


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