Japan: Day two – Arashiyama and oh my feet!

 Our second day in Japan started early. Very early. I woke just before 4am but only really regained consciousness once @FrankDJS made me a coffee in our room.

After lying there for a while and considering options – and finishing the resting the coffee pot – we decided to start the day with a trip to the hotel gym. That definitely woke me up. A jog in the treadmill, some weights and elliptical trainer. All under the disapproving gaze of a elderly Japanese matron.

I’m still not sure which rule I broke to deserve the evil eye I got…

After an excellent visit to the breakfast buffet, we made our way to the other side of Kyoto, to Arashiyama. This required us to get on a great little train / tram line – it was like going back in time!

We visited Arashiyama last time we were in Japan and enjoyed it so much we had to come back. Last time, we climbed all the way up to the top of a local mountain to see some monkeys. And made some friends 😀

This time, we stayed on the ground and just took in the sights. Arashiyama is insanely picturesque. We walked by the river, wandered through the bamboo forest and enjoyed a coffee in the sun.

The weather was just perfect, though it got up to 27C at one point, which was a little toasty for wandering around in the sun. By midday, it was far too busy with coach-loads of tourists, so we made our way back to the train station.

We then headed back to Kyoto to pick up our rail passes at the immense Kyoto train station and make some reservations for tomorrow’s trip to Hiroshima. I have to say it was painfully bureaucratic and involved far too much paper for 2015. But we got there in the end!

There and back by Shinkansen – I’m far too excited at the prospect of some extended bullet train action tomorrow.

This evening, we had dinner at an excellent sushi restaurant here in Kyoto. It was recommended online and spotted by Frank. A superb choice – the food was great and we worked out that plates were about 90p! That probably led me to eat slightly more than usual…

My Apple Watch is telling me I walked over 29,000 steps and I can tell you by feet definitely agree! Gym aside, it was a leisurely day. It’s just that all the small steps added up to 22km of walking.

Tomorrow will include two long Shinkansen journeys, which should give my feet a bit of a break. But I’ll probably ignore all good sense in an effort to see as much of Hiroshima as possible.

This is shaping up to be the best holiday ever!

4 comments on “Japan: Day two – Arashiyama and oh my feet!

  1. The photos are truly gorgeous, even if ‘simple’ things like the train station!

    Regarding the elderly gent VPLs?
    ::arched eyebrow::


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