One does not simply walk into Japan…

A quick pit-stop here in the JAL Lounge in Tokyo Haneda airport. We’re waiting on our flight to Osaka, after which it’s an hour on the bus to Kyoto. And while the flight over was very pleasant, I only slept for about an hour. That means, it’s 0936 Sunday here and I’ve been up since 0630 Saturday.


The flight was grand and I particularly enjoyed the fairly intense chat with one of the cabin crew about our shared passion for The Walking Dead. As I’m only on season two, she was whole seasons ahead of me, desperate to hint at what’s to come but anxious to avoid sharing any spoilers.

And it was a pleasant reminder of all things Japanese to land in Haneda, get through passport control fairly quickly and have luggage waiting for us the other side of customs.

It’s about now I’m remembering the battle to stay conscious all the way to Kyoto last year. I fell asleep on the flight to Osaka, and woke up with the kind of neck spasm that has to be felt to be believed. So I need to stay awake, at least until we’re on the bus to Kyoto.

Thankfully, the lounge here in Haneda has some form of neon yellow energy drink on tap, so I’ve been quaffing that since arriving. Who knows – maybe I’ll never sleep again. From what I can tell, it’s equal parts sugar and caffeine, so that’s most of the food groups covered.

The only other productive thing I’ve done today has been to pick up the portable wifi router we’re hiring for the duration of our stay. Unlimited 4G connection for mere pounds per day. Bargain. All the easier to share my photos of Japanese food with you all…

Osaka is calling….

2 comments on “One does not simply walk into Japan…

  1. Truly a kip can do wonders as one of the original walking dead…I know!


    • And now I discovered that this is flight 113, we’re sitting in row 13 and we’re boarding from gate 13. Not that I’m superstitious!!


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