Japan: one step closer


Plans for October’s trip to Japan are one step closer today: our Japan Rail passes arrived in the post. For me, this spells lots of Shinkansen-related excitement and the prospect of visiting more places while we’re there.

We’re going to split our time between Kyoto and Tokyo for the most part, with side-trips to Hiroshima and Yokohama. Lots to squeeze in, all safe in the knowledge it won’t be our last trip. Things I’m most looking forward to:

  • Spending more time wandering through Kyoto, at a slower pace than last time
  • An afternoon people-watching (and photo-taking) in Harajuku
  • Savouring the onsen experience all over again
  • The food (oh dear lord, the food)

Can you tell I’m looking forward to it again? I’m back on my Japanese lessons as well, listening to the Michel Thomas course instead of Taylor Swift.

That’s how dedicated I am.

1 comment on “Japan: one step closer

  1. Alan Mellerick

    Nothing beats making travel plans – enjoy!


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