Surviving the flight

Unlike my last flight this direction, last night’s flight to Kuala Lumpur was a lot more bearable. Yes, I was missing the comfort of an A380 and yes, I was battling a cold when I got on board…

But there was no strange, obese man snoring in my ear all night and my travelling companion was actually someone I know. And she behaved herself impeccably. And kept me laughing for at least a couple of hours after take-off.  

I reckon I managed about 5 hours sleep on the way over, waking up as they out all the lights on to serve breakfast. My back feels like I was in a car crash – can’t imagine what strange positions I contorted myself into while asleep. 

I watched about 20mins of Avengers: Age of Ultron before curling up with a series of soothing podcasts playing in my earphones. Hence my dreams consisted of me reviewing new technology on live TV…technology I’d never seen before in my life. 

A shower, a meal and a long walk will sort me out. Plus the ready supply of cold and flu capsules I brought along for the ride. 

Brace yourself, Malaysia: here I come. 

1 comment on “Surviving the flight

  1. Hooray for better travelling experiences!


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