I’m sick, grumpy and I need some sleep…

Sitting in the Quantas lounge at Singapore airport, waiting for my flight back to London. A tough but great week of work has ended on a bit of a sour note.

I think I have food poisoning…

I’ve been battling a combination of “the sweats” and “the shakes” since I woke up this morning and after a light lunch of sushi this afternoon, was overcome with pain like a kick in the guts. Soon followed by an olympic dash to the bathroom. I then fell asleep sitting upright at my hotel room desk and almost overstayed my welcome! Missed my checkout deadline by a few minutes due to another unexpected visit to the gents.

I then had to ensure the journey to the airport with the chattiest and most opinionated taxi-driver in all of South-East Asia. I forced myself to smile and nod as he told me all about how he would run the country and how foreigners (I’m sitting in the back of his cab, remember) are ruining the place.

All the time, I was looking forward to just sitting down in the British Airways lounge and taking it easy before my flight. Unfortunately, it’s closed for refurbishment and I was directed to the Quantas lounge next door. No problem, right?

Sadly, it has all the ambiance of an All Bar One and two massive screens showing football and rugby. All around me, people are face-timing on their mobiles without using earphones, sharing their conversations with everyone else. Small children are running around throwing things at each other.

And all this time, my stomach is attempting to exit my body. Through any available orifice.

I just want peace, quiet, my own bed and a cold drink. I’m truly turning into a grumpy old man.

2 comments on “I’m sick, grumpy and I need some sleep…

  1. Feel better! I hope you got some meds to control at least one orifice.


    • MacPsych

      Feeling a lot better after a light meal and some uninterrupted sleep! Just landed at Heathrow


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