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In Singapore… finally asleep just after midnight, woken up by thumping bass just before 3am.

I have been awake ever since.

The bass was coming from a nightclub across the street. A quick Google search confirmed it was going to be open until 5am. The music continued well past 5:30am. I went to reception about 4am and asked about changing rooms. They could offer me a smoking room for the rest of the night and then a change later today.

I opted to keep my nice room for what was left of the night and watched the sun come up. I was sitting down to breakfast, feeling far too chipper, at 6am. Packed my bags (as I had unpacked everything last night and hung up all my clothes) ready to move rooms.

At a loose end from 8am, so went for a walk about town. For about four hours.

It’s now 6pm and I feel like death. Awaiting a sandwich from room service and then I’m getting into (my new) bed to watch some Game of Thrones and sleep until – hopefully – about 5am.

Sleep. You don’t know how delicious it is until you need it.

1 comment on “Bleurgh….

  1. There’s a reason that forced sleep deprivation has featured prominently in the roster of torture methods invented and applied by humans over the last half a millennium or so…


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