Up, up and away

Sitting in Heathrow T5 – the British Airways lounge, to be exact – waiting for my flight to Singapore. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I might be finally getting the hang of these long-haul jaunts.

I used my usual Evernote packing list (don’t laugh) to ensure I didn’t forget anything important. Like underwear. Or shoes. You may snigger at my use of something so geeky, but you and I both know there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination realising you’ve left something important back home. And shelling out a stupid amount of money to buy it locally. Or do without and kick yourself mentally until you get home.

Any memory is about as reliable as a Lada. So yes. Evernote.

Once I’m onboard? My iPad mini is stuffed to the brim with entertainment – films, tv shows and magazines. I’m actually pretty tempted to avoid all sleep and just watch the entire season 5 of Game of Thrones. I’ve not seen a single episode and am beside myself in my attempts to avoid spoilers online or in real life.

My Kindle Voyage is charged and ready, for when my eyes can’t handle the iPad’s illuminated screen anymore. As per, I’m readying about four books at the same time and I don’t really sleep well unless I’ve read a least a few pages of something on its soothing e-ink screen.

I’ve packed my BA pyjamas in my hand luggage – a delightfully useful souvenir from last year’s first class flights to/from Tokyo. I’ll change into them as soon as it’s possible and get a better chance of some sleep. Yeah, I really don’t care what I look like. Being comfortable is a lot more important that looking snazzy once you’re on board. I’ve also got a fresh polo shirt to get into when we’re on approach, so I’m not a complete stink-merchant once I arrive.

My iPhone is bursting to capacity with the latest podcasts and some that I’ve been saving up for my week away from home. Lots of TWIT, 5by5 and Relay FM productions.

That said, despite all preparation, I’m still likely to arrive in Singapore a hot mess, as cranky as a bag of cats and wanting nothing more than coffee and a shower. Let’s hope I adjust to the time difference better than I did this week coming back from Miami.

As it’s hot (31C) and wet in Singapore right now, I don’t think I’ll be doing too much outdoors when I’m not working. Trips to the deliciously air-conditioned underground malls on Orchard Road, green tea frappucinos at Starbucks and potentially some Japanese curry.

Bring it on.


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