A pretty standard night in South Beach

So….we spent last week in South Beach and had a pretty chilled-out time. Lots of beach laziness, eating and drinking. But then, on the Tuesday night, we stumbled upon South Beach’s best gay bar – The Palace – and left feeling sore from laughing.

Three hilarious and smutty acts later, we were full of cocktails, excellent food and a new selection of dirty jokes. Seriously. They serve the cocktails in little buckets. Good food and gay bars don’t generally go together (amIright?). I’m happy to report that the Palace serves up the best bacon cheeseburger in all of South Beach.

A big “thank you” to the team at the Palace who kept us fed and watered and ensured my Facebook album of meal-related photos was seriously spiced up with some of the below.

If you find yourself anywhere near Miami in the near future, get yourself to Ocean Drive and bag a seat outside the Palace before 7pm. And prepare to laugh yourself into a frenzy.

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