Memories of Japan: Sushi overload

I came across this photo when organising pics on my iMac this morning. And starting salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Vivid memories of one of the best, cheapest and most fun meals from our last trip to Tokyo.

We ate our fill (and the rest) in this amazing little automated sushi restaurant on two separate occasions. The servings were large, the food was tasty and the prices were hard to comprehend. Really – Japan is not as expensive as the legends tell… And they had some of the best alcohol-free beer I’ve ever tasted.

2014-09-09 19.59.41-2


Haute cuisine it was not, but we were the only Europeans there both times and the locals were tucking in like no tomorrow. Good omens for good food, we thought.

I’m definitely planning on revisiting this restaurant when we return to Tokyo in October. Might have to wear something with an elasticated waistband…

If I’m honest, I think this photo represented about 10% of what I consumed that night.

2 comments on “Memories of Japan: Sushi overload

  1. What was the name of this restaurant? 🙂


    • MacPsych

      Hi Rosemary – thanks for reading! In this case, it was a branch of Genki Sushi – it’s a chain. This one was near Shibuya.


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