Jetlag optimism

I was indeed optimistic yesterday when I thought I was over my post-Japan jet lag already. After falling asleep at 9pm on the night of arrival back in London (over 24 hours since waking up in Tokyo!), I slept for a solid 9 hours and woke up yesterday morning, refreshed and ready for action.

Or “ironing”, as it turned out.

Just as I was getting cocky, I was hit with the “sleepy stick” at about 8pm last night and fell asleep at some point around 9pm. Sadly, I was wide awake and ready for action at 4:30am this morning.

While I predict my mind and body will be in rag order by about 6pm this evening, there is definitely one positive side effect of all this: I’ve just spent the last hour clearing out my work email inbox, which was slightly chock-a-block after two weeks of holidays.

Even better news: there were precisely four emails about of 250 that required me to do anything. Everything else had been addressed while I was away. Delegation in action!

So now I’m ready for the week ahead with a clear inbox. Always a good way to begin a Monday – especially one where I’ve basically forgotten how to work after relaxing for two weeks.

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