Post-holiday blues

We flew back from Tokyo yesterday and I’m really feeling it today. Not the jetlag – I managed to stay awake until a reasonable time last night, then slept right through to 6am. So I’m feeling pretty awake and ‘switched on’.

No. It’s more of a psychological post-holiday come down.

I’m missing Japan…big time.

But rather than dwell on this, I’m going through our holiday snaps and enjoying the memories. Feeding the monkeys in Kyoto…wandering through Dotonbori in Osaka…super-fantastic sushi in Tokyo. Fantastic.

In some ways, it was a really quick holiday, but in other ways I feel we’ve been away from home for ages. I’ll admit it was great to sleep in my own bed last night. And to wake up in a room I recognised!

Most of today was spent dealing with unpacking, laundry and tidying up. Looking at the various momentous picked up along the way – and the various gifts for our nieces and nephews. (I never knew so much Hello Kitty merchandise actually existed!). Generally getting back into the swing of things. Back to work tomorrow, which will no doubt be a shock to the system.

So, thank you Japan – thank you patient, polite and understanding people of Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. I’ll definitely be back!

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