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Our flight between Osaka and Tokyo yesterday afternoon highlighted one more difference between the UK and Japan…

Japan Airlines staff managed to board our plane with all of its 260 passengers in just 15 minutes with no missing passengers, no arguments over who is sitting where and no passengers attempting to insert luggage the size of a VW Beetle into the overhead compartments.

People filed into the plane quickly and quietly, took their assigned seats and sat back awaiting take-off. I was dumbfounded, as I’m used to the European style of noisy and confused boarding, which frequently delays flights.

I can only attribute this difference to two things: the professinalism and skill of the cabin crew (they seem like they actually give a damn) and the fact that Japanese air travellers read instructions on their bording passes and just do what they’re told.

There was no queue-jumping and nobody racing for their flight.

Japan: how do you do this?! How can we learn from you?!

A frustrated frequent-flyer.

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