A Kyoto encounter

Waiting to cross a busy Kyoto street yesterday, I was approached by a rather enthusiastic elderly gentleman who wanted a chat. Using my few words of Japanese, I gathered he was asking me if I was English.

I said no, that I was from Ireland. His smile expanded and he lanched into an excited mix of English and Japanese that went something like this:

Him: “Something something something Galway!”

Me: “I’m from Dublin”

Him: “Dublin?! Guinness!”

Me: “Yes, Guinness” I smiled.

Him: “Guinness!” (making the international “drinkie drinkie”motion with his hands.

Me: “Yes, Dublin. Guinness”.

Him: “Maureen O’Hara something something!”

Me: “Eh?”

Him: “Maureen O’Hara something something Galway!!”

Me: “Umm…”

Him: “John-uh Wayne-uh. Maureen O’Hara! Galway!”

Me: (Grasping at straws) “The Quiet Man?”

Him: (Even more excited now) “Hai! Quiet Man! Something something!”

He then vigourously shook my hand and walked off into the traffic.

Best chat I had with a local all day. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love Japan.

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