And off we go!

Bags are packed. Itinerary complete. All checked in for our flight.

Japan 2014 is go!

So very, very excited about this. Yes, the weather is Kyoto looks to be abysmal for the week…hot and wet. But it’s frickin’ Kyoto! It will be amazing, whatever the weather.

One long-ass flight and a small jump from Tokyo to get us there…

@FrankDJS got us local data SIM cards for our iPhones, so I plan on sharing some on-the-go photos here and elsewhere. But mostly, as with last year, it’ll be an evening upload of amazeballs Japanese stuff each evening back at the hotel.

But first things first. Now off to Heathrow to take advantage of all there is to offer in British Airways’ First Class lounge. Shamelessly.

Holidays start here. Tokyo

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