The long haul

20140719-193011-70211127.jpgWell, I made it here in one piece. Greetings from a very warm and muggy Singapore!

The BA flight over was very comfortable. I’d managed to snag one of the upper deck Business Class seats (thanks to @FrankDJS) and found it hard to stay awake once we boarded at 7:30pm. Take off was slightly delayed due to weather near Dover (?!) but we made up for it on the flight over.

Honestly, I wolfed down my dinner so I could get my head down. I only managed to watch half of Captain America: Winter Soldier (still my favourite film of 2014) before I fell asleep. I think I got about 7 hours sleep all in all.

Then woke up to a cracking breakfast before we landed. Thank you British Airways!

So far all I’ve seen of Singapore is the airport, the drive to the hotel and the hotel itself. All were lovely.

The hotel is a cracker – amazing service from the minute our taxis pulled up outside. I got a room upgrade thanks to one of the many, many hotel loyalty cards I carry around.

Looking forward to trying out the gym and pool tomorrow. Tonight (it’s 7:30pm here) it was all about getting a shower and a change of clothes before heading out for dinner.

Despite all I ate on the plane I’m once again starving. No change there, then.

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