Mallorca Day 3…

The weather has improved, the tension in my neck had eased and I’ve returned to something approaching a healthy sleep cycle. In short, I’m feeing better.

The various benefits of a holiday. A break from the norm. I’ve not flown to a luxury spa or anything approaching a Buddhist retreat. Instead, @FrankDJS and I have come to stay with his parents in Mallorca for a week.

Personally speaking, I don’t need a lot for a great holiday. Really. I know it mightn’t seem like it sometimes. Despite my best advice, I like to stay connected to the internet, though work email is a no-no. So, WiFi is a must, if only for entertainment.

I’m also rather partial to the sun. I’m already imagining the difficult conversation I’m going to have with a dermatologist in the future, when my sun-aged skin has added thirty years to my appearance. I’ll be that old guy on the beach whose arms and legs look like a battered leather wallet.

Except I won’t be German.

So far, my holiday wish list is sun and WiFi. What else?

I love reading, so I always make sure I’ve got something interesting to tuck into. This time around, I’m actually reading a psychology text on coaching methods. Its interesting to me and that’s what’s important.

Not great for the beach, so magazines are the order of the day. For me, it has to be Monocle which never fails to educate. Their podcasts are also perfect for chilled out holiday listening. The one downside of reading Monocle is the fact each issue leaves me with a longer lust of “things I’ll buy when I’m a millionaire”. Its full of simply gorgeous…things.

I also turn into more of an introvert when on holidays, so space to relax in peace and quiet is important. I don’t like busy “resorts” (Vegas always leaves me exhausted) and nights here in Mallorca are all about finding the sleepiest bar possible. Mega-clubs aren’t my thing, never have been.


Even in Tokyo, the busiest and largest city I’ve ever been in, my most enjoyable time was spent away from the madness in the middle of a virtually silent onsen spa.



Right now, I’m sitting all alone on the balcony of my in-laws’ apartment, looking out at the sea in complete silence. Preparing myself for a meal of yesterday’s barbeque leftovers. Steak, sausages, chicken…by the ton. Maybe later, a walk. Maybe.


And for me, it’s the perfect way to recharge my batteries and get ready for a return to London next week.

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