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One more airport security rant…

…if I may.

I fly pretty much monthly these days and, while the post-911 security mentalism has by and large subsided, one aspect of airport security still irks me: the inconsistencies. Even within the UK.

On my flight up to Edinburgh from London Gatwick, I took all the usual precautions, removing shoes, belt, electronics from myself and my bag. But somehow, in the pushing and the pressure, I left my iPad mini in my bag. It was inside my Filofax and wasn’t immediately obvious when I looked int he bag.

It went through the scanner, in my bag, and nothing was said by security. They didn’t insist on my laptop coming out of its case like they do in some airports.

This afternoon, on the return leg, I left my iPad in its case in my bag and was pulled aside for a passive-aggressive mini-lecture on iPad security. But I was allowed to keep my shoes on.

In Gatwick: shoes and belt off, iPad in bag.

In Edinburgh: shoes on, iPad out of bag.

At least I wasn’t as bad as the chump in front of me. He was pulled aside for having hand baggage full of pots of yoghurt, packets of sausages and bacon.

Precisely how you bring down a plane using pork and dairy is beyond me. I suppose that’s why we have airport security.

That and to ensure you’re sufficiently flustered upon exiting security that all you want to do is spend your money on over-priced food and drink.

But that’s another rant entirely…

So my question is this: just how hard would it be for the security teams at British airports to coordinate and give a consistent set of instructions and regulations to the traveling public?

1 comment on “One more airport security rant…

  1. Are you in my head?, this is another post, where I’m thinking “yep, absolutely”!


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