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I write this in Dunfermline, Scotland where I’m visiting my parents. I flew up from London Thursday night to avoid insane weekend flight prices, but failed to avoid insane bag madness.

Picture the scene.

A plane-full of people all carrying far too much carry-on baggage, all getting aggressive with each other because they can’t find anywhere to put it.

There’s no point. Life’s too short. I checked in my tiny overnight bag and just brought my work bag on board with me as it had my laptop and iPad in it.

I never thought I’d say this, but I think the airlines need to reduce the cabin allowance for bags. Their planes aren’t built for it – overhead bag storage fills within minutes on most flights I’ve taken for the past couple of years.

People seem to grab the space where they can find it, meaning that if you get on the plan after the first 10 minutes of boarding, the space above your seat will mostly likely be taken by someone else’s bag. This causes a domino effect of bags being placed anywhere, which causes delays in getting off the plane as people dash up and down the aisle to find their various bags.

It’s maddening. It’s inefficient.

I was struck by a thought on the flight up here. Why not redesign overhead storage? Why not divide it into separate compartments equating to the number of seats on board? Why not label them like they do the seats?

Thus, you get reserved space for your single, small carry one bag. No need to dash on board, and nobody gets to bring on a case that won’t fit overhead.

I’m sure smarter minds than mine have considered this and rejected it.

I’m also sure something will have to change. It’s just not sustainable to allow people to drag this much luggage into the cabin. It slows everything down and contributes to air-rage and general stress levels.

So my public service announcement for the week is: please don’t be a dick. If you can’t lift your own bag above your head, it’s too big and you should check it in.

1 comment on “Bags and baggage

  1. I’m with you here, I never realised BA carry so many people who think they are able to redraw the laws of physics!


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