A weekend in Madrid

Madrid – November 2013, a set on Flickr.

A selection of photos from our recent weekend in Madrid – fantastic weather, beautiful food and a new favourite hotel. There’s always something new to see.

This time, it was visits to the National Library where we saw a beautiful exhibit of Japanese calligraphy, followed by the Botanical Gardens. Interestingly, the latter included a pretty garden full of Bonsai trees. Add to that our visit to the CaixaForum to see an exhibit on “Japonisme”, it was a strangely Japanese-themed visit considering we were in Spain.

All of the above are highly recommended if you ever plan to visit.

And of course we included a return visit to our favourite food market: Mercado de San Miguel. It hasn’t got the best food in Madrid, but it has the best selection of Spanish food under one roof, along with a fantastic atmosphere.

2 comments on “A weekend in Madrid

  1. Great photos, Madrid is such a beautiful place.


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