Codeshare hell

So here’s the thing…you buy a ticket with one airline but end up flying with another. This is the gist of the codeshare arrangement that airlines seem to love.

I have no single favourite airline, though I fly very regularly with British Airways. But I have a list of airlines I try to avoid, including (unsurprisingly) Ryanair.

And Iberia.

Having bought a ticket with British Airways to fly from London to Madrid, I find myself on an Iberia plane, staffed by Iberia crew. This means I’ve paid BA prices for a third-rate travel experience.

Such as?

Surly crew who won’t make eye-contact, safety demonstrations carried out by someone acting like a grumpy teenager asked to tidy his room, having to pay for everything on board, even water, a dirty plane interior and the anticipated inefficient and rude check-in on the return journey.

It’s a bit like buying your groceries online from Ocado, only to have a Lidl van pull up outside and throw your shopping into the pavement before accelerating off into the sunset.

In the decade I’ve been travelling to Spain regularly, I’ve become well versed in just how awful Iberia is. And if British Airways and Iberia weren’t joined at the hip in an unholy alliance (officially called IAG), then I’d be able to avoid them completely.

But they are. So I can’t.

So I had to suck it up for a relatively short flight, keep my eyes closed and cheer myself up by listening to the BBC News Quiz podcast.

That aside, Madrid has been an absolute delight today – well worth any flight annoyances really.

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