More free Ryanair publicity

From the Guardian: We love to moan. But with Ryanair, what do you expect?

Ryanair and its odious boss have been in the news again. I watched the Dispatches show mentioned below and it was shocking. Ryanair have, of course, said they’re going to sue.

The facts of this latest drama are these: Channel4 broadcast a Dispatches show entitled Ryanair: Secrets from the Cockpit, which included anonymous testimony from various pilots alleging that the airline’s policy led to them flying with reduced back-up fuel. One pilot who waived anonymity has been summarily dismissed, and Ryanair has begun libel proceedings against Channel 4. What this will do to the previously unstoppable Ryanair is the $64,000 question (though of course, the question itself is priced at $19 – the rest is made up of ancillary charges).

It’s one think to scrimp on customer service to save on costs – quite another to cut back on safety to make a profit.

I’ll say it again: there have been no shortage of horror stories about Ryanair, so you’ve only yourself to blame if you fly with them.

Do your research. Check for hidden fees. And for god’s sake, don’t buy a holiday home somewhere in deepest France, just because Ryanair fly there.

They’ll cancel that route as soon as the local council stops literally paying them to fly there.

2 comments on “More free Ryanair publicity

  1. It has been years but RyanAir was one of the worst ‘experiences’ — in travel, solely on service — that I’ve had.

    SWAir sucks but they always beat others’ prices and at least you get a checked bag included… Plus, you know you’re flying at the shallow end when you go with them.

    RyanAir was even under SW quality and that wasn’t a bargain rate when I used them. Hate to hear they still are offering poor service (and backup fuel is something I’ve heard many American airlines are doing, too).


    • I’ve flown both Southwest and Ryanair – the latter many years ago. And I’ll do everything I can to avoid a repeat of either. They’re both bad in their own ways.

      My main problem with Ryanair is that they give the appearance of wanting to screw you out if your money at every f-ing opportunity.

      Southwest is just like flying out of a city as some kind of refugee from a natural disaster. It’s all pushing, shoving, shouting and panic. And that’s just the cabin crew.


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