Holidays: Day One

Up at 5am for an early flight to Palma de Mallorca. But it was well worth it to avoid a trek to Gatwick and waste most of the day on trains and planes.

While I think of it, big thanks to BA for a quick, friendly flight and a top-notch (for airline food) breakfast.

After a quick swing by the supermarket for essentials, it was into shorts and out on the balcony. An hour later, I was swimming in the Med, feeling every ounce of tension evaporate from my body.

Inevitably, after just 5 hours of sleep last night, I crashed and fell asleep on the balcony when we got back, various tech podcasts playing in my ears.

Now, after a walk around town, it’s time for drinks and consideration of options for dinner. Not forgetting the epic people-watching that this town provides.

Tomorrow, it’s kayaking across the bay in the afternoon, with me spending the remainder of the day lying spread eagled in the sun.

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