Sleepy, sleepy…

For the first time ever, last night I slept for an entire flight from the US to London. In fact, I was barely able to keep my eyes open while waiting in the lounge before take-off. I have mixed feelings, to be honest – while sleeping, I was obviously unable to fully take advantage of British Airways’ hospitality in business class.

AKA stuff my little hobbit face, like I did on the outbound flight. Seriously, I was like someone on “Supersize vs Super-skinny“. I needed no encouragement, yet I got it all the same. And the second slice of cheesecake was a very welcome treat from my favourite cabin attendant. It was a veritable bacchanalian feast of fat and sugar, all consumed while sitting down and – at times – lying back.

In contrast, on last night’s flight I consumed nothing but a bottle of water until 20mins before landing this morning. And that was a light breakfast. Not a sliver of cheesecake in sight.

The flight was almost as comfortable as the outbound too. Almost.

British Airways can do a lot, but unfortunately they can’t do anything about the fact that in 2013, some passengers still think it’s okay to avoid washing for several days before getting on a plane. The guy sitting across the aisle from me stank like three-day old pants and looked like he’d been sleeping in a ditch.

Every time he moved, he wafted over some of this charming scent. Thankfully, I was so tired, I was quickly asleep. Unfortunately, he managed to smell even worse this morning and I got a full blast when he turned around to take down his bag from the overhead locker.

Not pleasant.

But I think it still qualifies as a #FirstWorldProblem, as I was in a very comfortable business class flat-bed at the time.

Onwards and upwards. My mission today is to stay awake until it’s time to sleep tonight.

And that probably counts as anotherĀ #FirstWorldProblem, right?

2 comments on “Sleepy, sleepy…

  1. Welcome back! I’m heading out to NY next week actually. My company doesn’t pay business class but I always have a ton of miles so get to upgrade a lot.

    The best way of doing the red-eye is to stuff your face in the lounge beforehand then go straight to bed on the plane. Trying to take in the hospitality on the plane might sound like fun but you’ll regret it for a week afterwards.


    • To be honest, there was some minor face stuffing in the lounge on the way home. On the outbound, it was pure buffet carnage. I’m almost proud of that…


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