A feast for the eyes

We spent most of yesterday afternoon at MOMA in New York. The most enjoyable few hours of our visit (so far…). The museum has such an impressive selection of pieces, that each floor included something we’d both wanted to see.

It was so nice to be able to get up close to works by Monet, Kandinsky and Munch. To get so close to Seurat’s work that you could make out the tiny dots of paint.


Put simply, it was six floors of awesome. And worth every penny of the entry fee.


On the other hand, it was crazy busy with both large tourist groups and school tours. This meant some queuing for the highlights, but nothing too bad. And some visitors need to work on their “indoor voices”. I wonder if MOMA ever has a quiet period? If so, that’s when I’m going back.

And I will be going back.

Oh and if the MOMA shop had been closer to London, I would have bankrupted myself buying the place up. Best museum store ever!

Today, we’re off to the Museum of Natural History.

3 comments on “A feast for the eyes

  1. I’ve wanted to visit MOMA since I was a kid. National Geographic (magazine) did a story on it, probably. That was my contact with the outside world from the ranch as a kid. Captivated. We switched with you: NYC Ballet came to STL (nearest city) this week. Brother went.


    • Basically, MOMA is worth the journey to NYC. It’s immaculate and the staff are a dream. The layout is accessible and, crowds aside, is easy to navigate and just…enjoy. Wish more galleries were like it.


      • If I ever get to NYC, I’d love to catch a play but in reality, MOMA and the natural history museum are the 2 stops I’ve wanted to see since childhood. I truly believe those would make me happy! Oh, and Niagara Falls.


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