New feet, please

Still getting over our fantastic first day in New York. Yesterday, we worked out that this is our fifth visit to this city, but predictably, we’ve found new places to see and experiences to enjoy.

Yesterday started with a mammoth breakfast at our hotel. Hot tip: if you ever want me to do you a favour, you can easily bribe me with eggs benedict. We walked from our hotel on 26th street all the way to South Street Sea Port, all the time enjoying the unexpected and unseasonal sunshine.

It was beautiful.

Sunshine is great everywhere, but in New York, it just shows off the fantastic architecture that makes this city so wonderful. I’m a sucker for anything built between 1900 and 1940, so New York is a feast for my eyes.

When in NYC, just look up and you won’t be disappointed.


The afternoon was spent wandering through some of our favourite shops, lusting after furniture we could never bring home, enjoying pizzas as big as a car wheel and then a quick pitstop back at the hotel for a nap before heading out to meet a friend for dinner.

Dinner was at a jaw-dropping Italian restaurant, followed by drinks and chats/rants at The Swift, which is a charming pub named after Jonathan Swift (he of Gulliver’s Travels, among other things).

To say I slept well is a bit of an understatement!

Today, we’re off to MOMA for a mooch around. The weather isn’t as great, so it’ll be an indoors day. But there will be walking. Which might make up for the several thousand calories I inhaled on the flight over.

1 comment on “New feet, please

  1. You picked a good time to go, I’ve been in London for almost 30 years and this was the coldest day I’ve ever known here. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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